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Re: Running a script on monitor connect/disconnect


> > Editing xorg.conf requires an X-server restart after each setup change,
> > which is ridiculous.
> Why ridiculous? :-?
> Xorg is running and you need it to re-read the configuration file again
> like any other service :-)
Sorry, I should have boon more clear: It is of course not ridiculous that re-
reading the config file takes an X server restart. It is however ridiculous that 
changing the monitor setup requires an X server restart, so the config file is 
the wrong place for that.

> > The driver is not the issue though, xrandr works the way it is supposed
> > to, as far as I can tell. I just want to take some action when a monitor
> > is connected, which xrandr does detect, it just does not tell me. That's
> > all :D
> I already gave you some hints... krandtray is one option (GUI based) and
> you can always make your own script to run a set of xrandr commands with
> just one-click.
Sure, and I did exactly that (the script) and it is working. It's just that I 
have to call it manually after plugging in the external monitor, it'd be 
better/nicer/cooler if that happened automatically.
krandrtray is broken in various ways since testing is still on KDE 4.6, see

Kind regards,

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