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Re: Most Perplexing

Chris Brennan wrote:
> RiverWind wrote:
> > Well folks, in order to run the conversion suggested by Bob, I did
> > the following.
> > 
> > I first saved the script he outlined and called it cb.sh. I then
> > tried to make the file executable with "chmod +x cb.sh". I then ran
> > the file with "./cb.sh". I got the following response.

What shell do you normally use for the command line?

> Put this on line one of your little script
> #!/usr/bin/env sh
> save it and rerun it. This will tell the script what shell to use to
> execute the commands.

Alternatively run it explicitly using 'sh'.

  sh ./cb.sh

That will invoke /bin/sh and pass it the filename to run.  Doing it
this way avoids the need to make it executable.  It explicitly calls
the right interpreter upon the file.


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