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Re: [Freedombox-discuss] Email on the FreedomBox Discussion

On 24 August 2011 16:19, John Walsh <fiftyfour@waldevin.com> wrote:
Hi Everybody,
Hello John,
The FreedomBox (FBX) IRC Chat on the 2011-08-15 15:00UTC raised the possibility that the FBX will not have email. This is the discussion that bdale requested.
I am a user who wants my email on my FBX rather than my ISP's server  - my data on my FBX. I primarily receive email for quotes, purchases, delivery notices, bill notices, school-related activities (my children), party invites and registering at websites (identity management). I also use email to write to my family or who live in a different country and lately I have been using email to write to the the FreedomBox mailing list ;) I don't see businesses or primary schools (the school bans the use of Facebook) giving up the use of email or websites requesting email addresses any time soon. These are the reasons I would like to see email on the FBX reference implementation and besides the Foundation states a FBX will have "Email and telecommunications that protects privacy and resists eavesdropping". My primary applications are browser, email and a word-processor. Every PC comes with these applications pre-installed, but they do not come with an XMPP or SIP clients.
Firstly, why do you need a Freedom Box for these functions.
What's wrong with keeping all this material on your PC at home?
First of all, I would be gratefully if somebody could explain how an smtp+imap email service does not align or promote many of the desired attributes of a FBX?
Because it can be traced from server to server with time, date and address stamping, the which facilities have enabled it to be have the same standing in a court of law, in most national environments, as fax.
Secondly, for me webmail/email is a mature application so I don't understand why the FBX has to add additional value to the email experience?
The 'why' lies in the 'additional value'. As in advanced encryption, etc.
Plain text transmission is one big security hole. If you are concerned enough to want your every day community based email to go through a FBX, I find it hard to equate that same personality attributing standard email as a 'mature application'.
Facebook's messaging application is basically email by another name. AFAICT, Friendika (distributed social networking software) requires an IMAP server (Friendika settings) for their messaging application.
'Facebook' and 'Security' are two terminologies that simply don't belong in the same environment.
Whalberg would sell his own grandmother into Gitmo if there was a dollar in it.
Let the discussion begin...
How's that for starters?
If you are truly concerned about email security, get an account here:
But, if you can put up with using just email to help organise the next PTA meeting, go here when you feel like wearing your underwear on the outside of your clothing like the rest of us:
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