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Cron script output redirection not working

Hi there.

This is something that used to work for me in older Debian releases
(Etch and Lenny I think), but it's no longer working for me in

Basically, I have a cron stub under /etc/cron.d, with a line like this:

*  * * * * root            cd /tmp/ && ./test.sh &> ./test.log

And inside /tmp/test.sh I have these lines:

echo "test"
touch test.touch

I've verified that the script is being run every minute from cron -
I'm seeing entries in /var/log/syslog, and also /tmp/test.touch is
being created.

However, the log file /tmp/test.log is never created.

Is it no longer possible to do output redirection to log files from
within crontab scripts? Or am I meant to use a different syntax these



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