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How to let Alsa actually mix the PC speaker beep with other sounds?


I recently switched to playing music directly on my notebook instead
of another computer somewhere else. This notebook runs Debian Testing
with Xfce 4.8 and a self-compiled kernel 3.0.

I can set the volume level of the system beep (which occurs, for
example, if you open a terminal and press backspace) using alsamixer,
as I have a control called ‘Beep’ there.

If I set a volume level unequal zero and unmute that control, it will
play a high-pitched, acceptable sound every time I press backspace.
Disabling the control will play a lower-frequency, louder sound.

I like both sounds and don’t mind which of them plays. However, I
_do_ mind having no beep at all.

My problem: Whenever any of the two sounds play, any other sound
output is temporarily paused. I know that Alsa can do mixing quite
well, as I can play multiple sound files at the same times (using
mplayer, vlc, aplayer etc.) – but somehow it doesn’t want to mix that
beep into the other sounds it outputs.

Any ideas what I could do to improve this situation?

Best regards & thank you very much for taking the time to read this,

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