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Re: debugging package breakage

On 19/08/11 16:00, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> On 08/18/11 21:28, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> On 19/08/11 13:20, Tom Roche wrote:
> Actually, I just checked the Linux Mint pages.  Apparently Linux Mint
> Debian Edition is based directly on Testing, with a rolling release.

LMDE = Gnome and XFCE

> They also have their regular version which is based on Ubuntu with
> discrete releases.

KDE and Gnome.

> So LMDE does not use Ubuntu's 'instant potato mix', but it does mash its
> own.  They *claim* to be 100% compatible with Debian and NOT compatible
> with Ubuntu.

Not 100% compatible - if it was it'd just be themes and images, and
wouldn't replace Debian packages with it's own substitutes (not simple

Mint = Testing + Mintify.
Mintify = Ubuntu + other

Aside from the nonfree binary blobs, Mint incorporates a lot of non-free
software. It also includes packages you will never see in Debian (main
menu, backup tools, software portal, update manager, software portal)
bound together with lots of python.

> Tom, where is your /etc/apt/sources.list is pointing to?  Is it pointing
> to a Mint repository?  Could it be pointing to their standard Ubuntu
> based repository?  That would almost certainly cause breakage.  If it is
> pointing to Debian repositories LMDE may not be as 100% compatible as
> they say.

Apart from the differences - what Mint has in common with Debian is that
testing tends to break, and requires care to modify (and fix).


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