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Re: debugging package breakage

On 08/18/11 21:28, Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 19/08/11 13:20, Tom Roche wrote:

summary: I'm a new debian user

Not yet you're not - confused?
You are still using Ubuntu.

Debian makes potatoes.
Ubuntu mashes the Debian potatoes, dries them, adds stuff, and
repackages - to make a variety of potato based products.
Mint uses Ubuntu instant potato mix as a basis for a vegetable based meal.

Actually, I just checked the Linux Mint pages. Apparently Linux Mint Debian Edition is based directly on Testing, with a rolling release. They also have their regular version which is based on Ubuntu with discrete releases.

So LMDE does not use Ubuntu's 'instant potato mix', but it does mash its own. They *claim* to be 100% compatible with Debian and NOT compatible with Ubuntu.

Tom, where is your /etc/apt/sources.list is pointing to? Is it pointing to a Mint repository? Could it be pointing to their standard Ubuntu based repository? That would almost certainly cause breakage. If it is pointing to Debian repositories LMDE may not be as 100% compatible as they say.

Marc Shapiro

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