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LUKS and LVM sequence at boot and shutdown incorrect

My laptop hard drive configuration:

sda1 - win7
sda2 - /boot
sda3 - LVM on top of LUKS partition - (separate LVs for /, /home, and SWAP)
sda5 - FAT32

for the most part everything seems to be working fine except the order of modules/components when Debian boots up.

When I boot Debian, it first looks for the LVM VG and LV, and then the LUKS container. - I encrypted the PV, I thought the order should be the other way around.

So when it boots, message on the screen says it failed to load the VG and the LVs and then gives me an option to enter my pass-phrase.

Because I have LVM on top of LUKS I thought it would first open the LUKS container and then load the LVM container.

I have the same problem when shutting down.

It closes the LUKS container and then throws up an error saying it cannot find VG and LVs (or something similar).

Of course  it will not find hte VG once the LUKS container is closed.

Not sure how this happened. Can anyone explain how to fix this.


Kind regards,

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