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Re: [still OT?] Google cookie problem - was [Re: [OT] Google search default lang.]

On 14/08/11 19:20, � wrote:
On Sat, 13 Aug 2011 14:10:39 -0500, Richard Owlett wrote:

Camaleón wrote:


Google is now forcing their users to use cookies

Google has used cookies since day one. They're not needed for searching.
Edit => Preferences => Privacy => In the history section use the drop-down bar to select Custom => untick both of the cookies boxes.

You will need first party cookies for gmail and other services - there's no other way to provide the functionality requires (javascript doesn't do "back").

IS that your experience for http://www.google.com or whatever one has to
do to access gmail?

For their search engine, yes.

(as an aside comment, I also left Gmail's webmail and always try to use
Mutt instead for accessing into my e-mail account)

I just did a Google search with both JavaScript and cookies disabled
with no apparent problems. I plead guilty to using WinXP Pro as I've yet
to find a Linux distro that meets some of my peculiar requirements (i do
now hereby duck ;)

I neither see "apparent problems" (if by "no apparent problems" we mean
here that it simple works :-) ) when using Google search, is just that I
can't get it to work the way I like...

- Can you remove auto-complete? Nope

"Apparently" it's still possible in preferences - but preferences requires you to be logged into iGoogle, which counts as no (for me).
http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0 no longer seems to work :-(
Maybe if it annoyed me sufficiently I'd work out how to kill it (it's only javascript).

- Can you get rif off the small preview image? Nope

Do you mean those annoying mouse-over javascript pop-ups page previews?
xul-ext-noscript fixes that.

- Can you instruct Google search to stay in the language you started
browsing with? Nope

I believe you can. Use one of the Mycroft search plugins:-

Please try one and provide some feedback. There are a few about:config search setting in Iceweasel that include %LOCALE% in the URI, and I've yet to fully understand all of them. If what you want is not there (in Mycroft search plugins) - let me know what language, search locality, and country, etc are required and I'll put one up (when I get some more time).

Make sure you turn off geolocation in Iceweasel to rule out problems there:-
about:config => geo.

I would have ditched Google search some time ago but I like their addons
like Image search and News. I wish DuckDuckGo could provide a similar


Try Blekko - it's pretty good too. (anything but Bling)


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