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Re: [OT] Google search default lang.

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

Using Google search always returns my results in Spanish because Google has figured out that my ISP is in a Spanish speaking country. But I want the results in US Eglish and always have to do an extra mouse click on 'Google.com in English'

Apparently Google does not record that I always click on that and adjusts the default language.

Anybody know how to set the default language for search?

Thanks for all the answers.

I tried all of them and only 2 work:

1. putting http://www.google.com/webhp?complete=0&hl=en in the bookmark bar of google-chrome (Thanks Camaleón). That is always in English. 2. Changing the search engine to Yahoo. That gets me English. But I hate Yahoo and its Micro$oft random result producer. I tried changing the search engine to scroogle and that does not work.

BTW now (13 Aug. 2011) the option in Google search to show results in English has gone :-( All results are always in Spanish. So much for the virtual world. I am in Oaxaca whether I like it or not. And I will speak and write Spanish, whether I like it or not.


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