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Re: Boost sound volume?

On Wed, 10 Aug 2011 06:01:46 -0400
Carl Fink <carl@finknetwork.com> wrote:
> No, it's a well-known problem with PulseAudio. It gives max volumes
> much, much lower than Windows for no special reason I know of.

Is it possible for me to just kill the PulseAudio server when I'm
starting certain applications, or force them to use ALSA?

> Robert: if you're using Gnome, run gnome-volume-control. You can use
> the slider at the top to set volume to "more than 100%". (Yes, I know
> that's stupid.) Unfortunately the system will forget this setting if
> you ever lower the volume.

Right now, I'm running LXDE, but I do have gnome-alsamixer installed,
and all of those are at max.  Considering this is little more than a
graphical frontend for the command line alsamixer, I'm thinking you
mean the applet.  But the package gnome-applets pulls in 357 MB of
dependencies.  Is there a simple way to do the same from the command
line?  I have plenty of hard disk space - it just seems like a huge



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