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Re: Re: cups usbfs: process .... (usb) did not claim interface 1 before use (SOLVED downgrade to 1.4.4)

Pascal Dormeau wrote:

>> I'm wondering if it is not related to dis/enabling particular options
>> in the kernel - like the usb device id lib or something (I don't
> No it rather seems a problem in the cups libusb backend (see the link I
> gave for the report upstream). Upstream does not seem inactive on it, so
> the best is to have patience. In the meantime, you can download packages
> for a working version at http://snapshot.debian.org/ and stick to that
> version with apt-preferences (4.6-11+b1 is working fine for me).
> Regards
> Pascal Dormeau

thank you, Pascal!

It just confirmed what I was afraid of and read about in another thread -
the solution was to downgrade to 1.4.4


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