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Re: cups usbfs: process .... (usb) did not claim interface 1 before use

Pascal Dormeau wrote:

>> where do I find the older version in the debian repo?
> http://snapshot.debian.org/
> Is it an HP printer ?
> The kernel message you gave makes me think of a similar problem known
> upstream http://www.cups.org/str.php?L3884+Qversion:1.5
> Best regards
> Pascal Dormeau

Yes it is HP printer 5L paralell over usb. I just get a headache when
something already working stops after upgrade.

I'm wondering if it is not related to dis/enabling particular options in the
kernel - like the usb device id lib or something (I don't remember exactly
the name). Unfortunately I was too busy at work to follow or do anything to
debug and I can not print at all


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