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Re: Some coaching on apt-get and downgrading Package gtk+-2.0

On Thursday 04 August 2011 03:52:49 pm Walter Hurry wrote:
> On Thu, 04 Aug 2011 19:46:44 +0000, Walter Hurry wrote:
> > Short answer: Because when you are running ./configure and see a
> > message saying "Package xyz was not found in the pkg-config search
> > path", it usually means (in Debian) that you need to install
> > xyz*-dev* (asterisks are for emphasis). xyz alone is not enough for
> > the build.
> To amplify: Read the error message and (as Eduardo says) do an
> apt-file search for the missing *file*.


Thanks very much!  I learned a few things today (I hope ;-).  Among 
others, I didn't know that apt-file existed--I've now installed it.

Randy Kramer

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