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Re: Booting Debian

On Thursday 04 August 2011 11:52:55 Kevin Williams wrote:
> I'm running debian 6.0 I think someone told me to do this a while back but
> didn't what he was taking about.I need to boot up gnome any other type of
> desktop visualizer so I can get out of this command prompt

You hadn't mentioned that you have a command prompt!

Type "startx" without the quotation marks.  If nothing happens, you probably 
haven't got a desktop.

You still don't say what medium you used for the installation, so it is 
difficult to advise you on what exactly to do next if startx doesn't produce 
a GUI desktop/window manager.

It is also hard to diagnose what went wrong without knowing what you did!  
Give me some more information and I will try to help - but you are still not 
giving me enough. 

Basically, the best thing to do may well be to start the installation again, 
but if the same thing goes wrong you will just get back to where you are now.  
So try to tell us what you did!

I don't think that any of us are psychics. :-/


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