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Re: wicd

> > IMHO it would be a good idea if software showed the status of this
> > button.
> >   
> It would be a very nice feature, but I would be willing to bet money
> it's an order of magnitude more complicated to implement than it
> should be (it's hardware, after all), and the developer hours are
> probably better spent elsewhere, IMHO.

It does seem that KDE's version of NetworkManager does have this
feature.  But I digress.

To recap, on a new install on a Dell D600 Latitude laptop, I initially
installed lxde, and tried to set up wicd, but this did not work.  So, I
installed the default (gnome) and did get the network-manager to find
wireless.  I then discovered that the Fn button in conjunction with F2
(easily hit from using Alt-F2 to run applications) would deactivate the
computer's ability to find wireless connections.  So, with this
knowledge, I tried to remove gnome and install lxde, borking up the
system. So, I did a fresh reinstall of the lxde option, to give it
another go.

BUT, this time around, the install did not give the option to install
the non-free firmware files from a usb stick.  It just indicates with
the install that no network devices (wired or wireless) were found.
This is also the case with gnome and kde installs.  I'm going to try
once again with lxde and wicd, and see.


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