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Re: Some coaching on apt-get and downgrading Package gtk+-2.0

On Thu, 04 Aug 2011 15:33:49 -0400, Randy Kramer wrote:

> Eduardo,
> Thanks, that worked perfectly, but, how did you know that, especially so
> quickly?
> Randy Kramer
> On Thursday 04 August 2011 08:52:24 am Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
>> On Qui, 04 Ago 2011, Randy Kramer wrote:
>> > Yesterday, my build started failing with messages like this:
>> >
>> > "Package gtk+-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
>> > Perhaps you should add the directory containing `gtk+-2.0.pc' to the
>> > PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable No package 'gtk+-2.0' found
>> > make: Nothing to be done for `all'."
>> The only thing you need is the gtk+2 2.0 devel package:
>> libgtk2.0-dev
>> apt-file search gtk+-2.0.pc indicates to which package that file
>> belongs.

Short answer: Because when you are running ./configure and see a message 
saying "Package xyz was not found in the pkg-config search path", it 
usually means (in Debian) that you need to install xyz*-dev* (asterisks 
are for emphasis). xyz alone is not enough for the build.

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