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Re: wicd

> Most more modern laptops have the disable wireless button. That's
> always the first thing to check for. Some people accidentally knock it
> to "off" and wonder why their wireless suddenly doesn't work.

Yes, I think that's been the major issue with me.  In looking further I
see that there's a blue "Fn" key, and that there's a blue wireless icon
on the F2 key.  So, I think that by pressing these two keys, I can
activate or deactivate the wireless (which commonly could take place
given the common Alt-F2 combination to run applications). Mind you, I
was in a pub last night using their wifi and when I switched tables to
be near an outlet (the battery was low) I was disconnected, and no
matter what I did with the Fn key, I still could not reconnect. So, I
think gremlins cannot be wholly discounted.

> IMHO it would be a good idea if software showed the status of this
> button.



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