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Re: lenny->squeeze upgrade - failed with grub-pc upgrade

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 11:09 PM, Lukasz Szybalski <szybalski@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> In the process of upgrading from debian lenny amd64 to debian squeezy
> amd64 I was able to successfully upgrade to kernel 32 and new udev.
> Then after reboot I followed with apt-get dist-upgrade.
> Everything went fine, but towards the end I was asked to upgrade to
> grub-pc. During this choice I was asked to specify mbr to install new
> boot loader. I've selected my "flash" drive that I have used before to
> hold my "boot" partition I believe.
> After restart I can only see "GRUB>".
> While Recovering from grub-pc install failure. I've started from cd
> (rescue) mode. I then assembled my raid partition (sdb1,sdc1,sdd1) and
> executed into shell of my lvm root group mapper_xyz_root. From there I
> run "upgrade-from-grub-legecy" and this time I've selected my usb and
> sda to install grub.
> Still no lock.
> Then I tried "update-grub"
> Now I get "grub loading...
> no module name found"
> What should I do now? I've logged in with rescue cd again and now my
> /boot partition no longer holds other files except for "/boot/grub/.."
> What happened to my kernel files 26 and 32 that were on the /boot?
> What are my choices on installing grub-pc? Do I need "boot" partition?
> What should be on it? Why did files got removed? Should I be
> installing grub on my lvm root group? or sda? or /boot flashdrive?
> I would appreciate some guidance on this.

LILO is not an option.

I think the better question is where was the original grub installed
(MBR?) and where is the new grub-pc (aka grub2 ) installed (mbr?)
Will update-grub configure the whole system, or do I need to create my
own config files? How do I install that to xyz sda mbr.


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