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Re: Problems with PAE kernel sort of solved.

On 7/26/2011 9:15 AM, Frank McCormick wrote:

>    Never assume :) So, if you were me, which options would you include
> or drop...I don't need PAE (one gig of memory in this machine) and I now
> know it's not a multi-core, so CONFIG_X86_SMP is the only one needed ??
> I have compiled kernels before (started off with Slackware6 or 7 years
> ago) but have never needed to since Debian.

Cool, you should be prepared then.  I'd use menuconfig.  Under
"Processor type and features":

Select Symmetric multi-processing support
Select Processor Family-->Pentium-4/Celeron...
Set Maximum # of CPUs to 2
Select SMT (HyperThreading) scheduler support
Set High Memory Support to OFF or 4GB, but not to 64GB
Unselect Multi-core scheduler support
Unselect PAE

There may be other options you need to tweak here and in other config
areas.  For example you'll probably want to enable lodable module
support, and to build your SATA and ethernet drivers into the kernel.
Personally I build everything I need into my kernels and nothing I don't
need, and I disable loadable module support unless I need iptables
support on a particular box.  I don't use initramfs.  I only use Linux
on headless servers, so I omit things like USB support, and I disable
power management.  I only build in filesystems I will use, which are
ext2 and XFS, ext2 for /boot and the root filesystem, XFS for everything
else.  I build the firmware blob in.  Etc, etc.


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