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Re: limiting email sizes when sending files

Andrew McGlashan <andrew.mcglashan@affinityvision.com.au> writes:

> Camaleón wrote:
>> That's the only way I can send files (programs, manuals, FAQs...) to
>> a chap that lives in Cuba and has only access to his e-mail
>> account. No Internet for browsing, no Internet for downloading big
>> files from a provided link. No FTP service for upload or download
>> nothing. They're behind a big proxy and have only access to a very
>> limited Intranet.
>> That's the real world and we have to cope with that :-/
> It's certainly the exception, I don't have to live with it ;-)
>  .... and I won't.

It is not an exception, and there are lots of other reasons why there's
often no other way.  The problem that someone is unable to receive
something you send them by email shouldn't exist, nonetheless it does.
So what are going to do about it when you won't live with it? Make the
limits and quotas even tighter to make the problem worse until everyone
goes back to snail mail or runs a web server so that everyone can
download the emails and sort the ones out that they are the recipients
of?  We did something like that before internet connections became
widely available.  Now you want to turn about 20 years back in time.
You're the one being unreasonable.


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