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Re: Hibernate fails

I've taken much too long to reply to this, and I apologize.

On Mon, July 11, 2011 8:24 am, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> The first two approaches seem like a lot of work for something I never
> use (even well supported netbooks shutdown and restart quicker with a
> little tuning than a tweaked hibernation scheme) :-(

Shutdown/startup are very fast, but not if you take into account having to
reload everything. I got a netbook with 2GB of RAM specifically because I
like to have lots of programs open.

[about Coreboot]
> Approach #3 is always my preferred approach, it's probably the most
> difficult too.

Hints? Good HowTo, for instance?

> Approach #2 might solve some other (possibly) ACPI related issues you
> mentioned. Gateway tend to re/use other manufactures hardware, generally
> with little modification (they also tend to bastardise DSDT too). If you
> can find another netbook that uses the Phoenix BIOS equivalent of
> Version Gateway LT31 v1.3307 - then "borrow" the custom acpi module.
> If you feel particularly brave - you can try a modified BIOS (eg.from
> Kizwan). If you decide you'd like to fix the missing ACPI support a
> modified BIOS that supports DSDT might be a useful tool ;-p

You're right that this is reused--it's an ACER netbook rebranded, I believe.

I'll see if Kizwan has anything.

Thanks again for all the effort you've put into this, Scott.
Carl Fink           carl@finknetwork.com

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