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On 2011-07-02 19:08 +0200, Patrick Wiseman wrote:

> That's not the problem at my end.  I had nvidia-kernel-dkms installed,
> which automatically takes care of that.  I haven't had to recompile
> the driver on a kernel upgrade for months.

I think the problem is the new multiarch path of libGL.so.1¹.  The
nvidia packages divert this file and replace it with their own version,
and the versions in testing have not been adapted to the new filesystem
layout yet.  Actually they are uninstallable, because libgl1-mesa-glx
breaks libgl1-nvidia-alternatives (<= 275.09.07-1), the version in


¹ http://blog.mraw.org/2011/06/18/mesa_a_disturbance_in_the_Force/

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