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Re: diff original .conf files in packages with the ones installed

On Fri, 01 Jul 2011 09:44:41 +0200, alberto fuentes wrote:

> This would be handy to checkout messed up systems to be able to tell
> apart easily whats has been touched.
> Is there already something that makes this?
> The easier way it comes to mind is to dpkg --get-selections,
> debootstrap, chroot and install the selection and then make the diff.
> although it looks like overkill when you just want to check out a few
> files
> maybe just find out where the file came from with apt-file, download the
> package, extract the file and do the diff

There's also the question of configuration files tht are automatically 
modified during installation.  And ones that are created and regularly 
modified during normal execution.

> any brighter idea?

What I would love is to have all the true configuration files checked 
into a revision management system (such as monotone). There would be a 
vendor branch, various changes performed during installation, and finally 
any changes made by the system administrator.  And backed up using the 
netsync protocol.

-- hendrik

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