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On 2011-07-02 18:44 +0200, Hans Vogelsberger wrote:

> Todays testing update, safe-upgrade and full-upgrade totally killed my
> X which ran with NVIDIA driver. Even this posting I must send from my
> old computer which is in a terrible state because I did nothing on it
> since I use the new one. Without X, most work I do on my computer
> cannot be done.

This should serve as a warning to closely look out which packages are to
be removed by a full-upgrade and back out if necessary.

> Nouveau did not work after I bought my Fujitsu in January. Installing
> xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau-dbg,
> libdrm-nouveau1a, and libdrm-nouveau1a-dbg and changing the Driver
> line in Section "Device" of /etc/X11/xorg.conf with Vim from "NVIDIA"
> to "nouveau" and after another reboot to "NOUVEAU" did not work
> either. The Identifier line was "NVIDIA GeForce 9300 GE" and thus
> correct, the other sections in xorg.conf were not printed but
> configured elsewhere, and xdm and xfce4 had worked well all the time.
> I rechanged the Driver line with Vim again back to "NVIDIA", rebootet
> and dpkg-reconfigured whatever seemed necessary, And rebootet
> again. Near the end of /var/log/Xorg.0.log the following lines showed
> up:
> (II) Loading extension DRI2
> (II) LoadModule: "nvidia"
> (WW) Warning: couldn't open module "nvidia"
> (II) Unloading module "nvidia"
> (EE) Failed to load module "nvidia"
> These seem to be the important lines and are the same in Xorg.0.log
> and in Xorg.0.log.old. The logs with "nouveau" are lost. I rebootet to
> often and there is only one Xorg.0.log.old file. As far as I remember
> those lines did not look notably different from the "nvidia" ones.
> Is there something I can do, or is it necessary to install Wheezy anew?

Douglas Adams has some advice for you: DON'T PANIC.  Your system is
almost certainly not broken beyond repair and does not need to be

Install the xserver-xorg-video-fbdev and xserver-xorg-video-vesa
packages if they are not installed already, move your /etc/X11/xorg.conf
aside and retry to start X.

The nvidia packages will not be installable for a few days,


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