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NetworkManager (was: Re: Stranded between lenny and squeeze)

Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> wrote:
>I run GDM and NM is off :-)

Let’s just say that GDM is a good indicator of someone also using NM.

>But I take your point: if NM is not even capable of surviving from a 
>remote ssh session then here you have a very good reason to disable it 

It ‘simply’ drops all network connections, though I have to admit I
don’t know wether they are automatically re-established. I also have
to admit that I actually use NM because it is the most convenient way
to connect to various Wifi networks (university, home, friends etc…),
mobile 3G networks, Ethernet networks and run scripts accordingly
(using /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d).

Of course, this would also work with guessnet and a bunchload of
other, smaller, and less error-prone tools, but the resulting script
hell created by me would definitely be more damageable.

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