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Re: Headless Install Debian Squeeze

On 01/07/11 01:42, Martin McCormick wrote:


> I have a DHCP server running on a Linux P.C. so I will be able to
> tail the log and see what IP address the target gets when it tries


> If there is an ssh server built in to the installation process that
> can be activated blindly, so to speak, at CD boot, that is actually a
> more sustainable approach because a number of newer systems do not
> have RS-232 ports any more. Some can accept a RS-232 USB converter at
> the BIOS level, but they don't exist in my house. Neither does any
> system that could boot from the USB port.

I suspect that would require modification of the install cd.

Amended, simplified, install suggestion:-

boot from debian cd
wait till disk stops spinning
arrow down three times
enter once
type install console=ttyS0,9660n8
enter once (should hear disk spinning)
continue from your other machine


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