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Re: Headless Install Debian Squeeze

On 30/06/11 23:22, kuLa wrote:
> On 30/06/11 14:00, Martin McCormick wrote:
> sic
>>> If using ssh it's probably best to use a pre-seed file.
>> 	Does the CD start a network session? I can certainly ssh
>> in to it from another system if it does. That is even better
>> than a serial console if I can get a command-line install that
>> way.
> in expert mode you can install via ssh, proper preseed should allow you
> to do it without any prior intervention
Yes. I just can't think of a simple way to get ssh working right from
the boot... maybe preseed every question up to the screen after setting
the ssh password, maybe also set a static address? Or preallocate a
static address in the DHCP server for the machines MAC? Tricky doing
that "within" d-i. Be easier to call d-i from within an ssh session(?)
When I've done an ssh install it's been from chroot (debbootstrap).

All the approaches I can think of would require rebuilding a debian live
cd. Bound to be a much simpler approach. Maybe an install from a usb
key'd be simpler than rebuilding an iso - boot live, initiate ssh
session, chroot, debbootstrap, d-i etc? Still a bit of work - not
something I'd undertake for a client without a precise build spec and
detailed system info.  Interesting idea though.... :-)

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