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Re: minor issue : gnome, epiphany and iceweasel

On Fri, 01 Jul 2011 22:54:44 +0200, Camaleón wrote:

> El 01/07/11 09:40, Matej Kosik escribió:
>> When listing text-files in gnome-terminal, if those files contains
>> URLs, gnome-terminal enables me to follow those links by starting a
>> web-browser. This is handy.
>> However, I have noticed some confusing behavior.
>> When I follow HTTP links, e.g.:
>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yg0tVUnLOAM iceweasel is started. This
>> is fine and exactly what I want.
>> When I follow FILE links, e.g.:
>> file:///usr/share/doc/libbitstring-ocaml-dev/html/api/Bitstring.html
>> epiphany is started. I do not understand why epiphany and not
>> iceweasel.
> (...)
> You can make Icewesel the default application to handle file://
> protocol, here are the steps:


I forget about the new file perms. 

Make sure that "$HOME/.gconf/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/file/%gconf.xml" 
is read/write only for your user, that is, chmod it 600.



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