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Re: Debian safe-upgrade to 6.0.2 - don't run within X session

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 12:30 AM, Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> wrote:


You are the only person I'm aware of reporting an incomplete upgrade.
(I've just checked again this morning)

Are you absolutely certain the update of the xserver package caused your
upgrade to fail??

Yes I believe it was during the configuration stage
it had the X or gdm restart.   One poster on here referenced
a prompt asking whether it was OK to restart gdm.
This isn't a production system so I wasn't paying careful
attention to whether it asked about that.  I was working
on something else in another window at the time.
It may have warned gdm would be restarted and I just
said go ahead without reading it - as it usually prompts for
this for services impacted by for example pam updates
and I'm never concerned about restarting those services.

Unfortunately I can't reproduce this and watch more carefully.

Later when X was restarted and I redid aptitude safe-upgrade,
it showed about a dozen packages awaiting configuration and
another dozen or so to install.  I would have taken better notes
if I thought this was a bug but I thought it was just me
not taking the precautions I should.  All I have as a record
is /var/log/aptitude and it doesn't show failures or aborts.

Despite testing on a number of different Gnome and KDE desktops we saw
no problems with the upgrade - with the exception of a lack of a hint in
the Samba upgrade message on how to exit the message. Users were advised
how to exit that screen.

I did see the samba notification and read it.  I remember
that happening.  Less is already known to me as the pager
so no surprises there.

Yes, I was watching the list to see if anyone else was bitten and saw none.  Perhaps my system was an oddball.  It is an Atom 230
based system.

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