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Re: After fresh install to stable now KMail crashes

On 20/06/11 16:45, Camaleón wrote:
On Mon, 20 Jun 2011 16:12:14 +0100, AG wrote:

Taking prior advice on avoiding the apparently high degree of volatility
in the current testing, at least as far as my experience has been so
The opposite applies for me. Testing has been very stable, despite its

I've only reported two small bugs for two applications (quadrapassel and
gnibbles, a couple of gnome games) that seems to be solved for now and
currently I'm only seeing one glicth with gnome-keyring. But nothing more.

I'm running GNOME.

I reinstalled to stable (squeeze), and now after having configured
everything, so KMail starts to crash.

I can open it just fine and it runs for a bit and then once it has been
minised to the system tray it crashes.

This is the debug report:

KDE SC (at least starting from 4.6) will be highly dependant on akonadi
and nepomuk so I would first ensure both services are properly configured
and running, just in case...


Well, so far so good. I deleted the two Akonadi folders and rebooted, and it has been a few hours now and no more crashes, so I'm taking this as a positive outcome.



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