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open source time/expense tracking package?

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> Von: Miles Fidelman [mailto:mfidelman@meetinghouse.net]
> Gesendet: Samstag, 11. Juni 2011 17:59
> An: debian-user@lists.debian.org
> Betreff: Re: open source time/expense tracking package?
> Thanks for the suggestions.  So far....
> sillaj:  too simple
> dotproject: seems like it might be buried in there, but way too complex,
> undocumented, the demo is down, ...
> opentimetool:  looks like it might do the trick - unfortunately, I can't
> read German, and both the English documentation and demo are sketchy.
> Guido - since you indicated that you're using it in production,  you us
> it - can you tell me if it provides for timesheet approval by a supervisor?

What do you mean exactly with "timesheet approval"?
Things in opentimetool work like this:
Supervisor (User in Admin Mode) creates and defines
- Users
- Customers
- Projects
- Assignment of teams to projects
- Max effort on Projects (timebased)
- Project valid from date to date
- Project closed after x days

Of course, an admin user can review and alter the timesheets of other team members.

Apart from the above mentioned admin tools and the main time collect features in normal user mode, viewing projects and time effort (with filters) and exporting things to pdf or csv, there are no main administration options in opentimetool.
They keep things simple, and we love simplicity, don't we?


> It really is funny - I've gone through the wikipedia lists, as well as a
> lot of other lists of "10 best open source project management tools" and
> such --- you'd think that with all the folks who do various kinds of
> project-oriented work there's be something out there that does basic
> corporate-style time-sheet processing, you know:
> - enter your time data by project
> - submit at the end of the week
> - supervisor approval
> - export in a form that can be ingested by quickbooks or some other
> accounting/billing package
> - keep an audit trail (or at least a basic log)
> Fairly simple-minded vis-a-vis project management software, but seems to
> be hard (impossible?) to find - except in commercial products or
> services.  (Plus a few "pretend open-source" things out there - i.e.,
> really crippled community versions of commercial products.)
> Pieces of this also exist as Drupal and Wordpress plug-ins - but no cigar.
> Sigh... might have to write one.  Seems like a natural for some form of
> forms/workflow engine that provides spreadsheet functionality - any
> suggestions there?
> Miles
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