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Re: How to use the net install CD with PPPoE?

On 05/30/11 at 11:34am, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> > > Do I need to download and install pppoeconf + dependencies or is there
> > > another way to get a PPPoE connection?

> > Debian packages are binaries, because Debian is a binary distribution.
> > So there is no 'make' component to installation.
> > The metapackage for X.org is xorg, and the metapackage for gnome is
> > simply gnome. So `apt-get install gnome xorg` should get you started if
> > you don't need to customize which packages to install.
> It's said that I don't need to install PulseAudio, that's very important
> for my needs, so the GNOME package doesn't set up PA?

The gnome package does not depend on pulseaudio.
> Pardon for my broken English, I wish to know if there's a meta package
> to install packages for "autoconf, subversion, checkinstall, fakeroot
> build-essential kernel-package" etc. ... anyway, at the moment there's
> no pppoeconf command after installing by the netinst CD.

I don't know if there is, but you seem to be aware of what you need already. build-essential, autcoconf, automake,etc. 
Just install them each as 'apt-get install autoconf build-essential fakeroot subversion' etc.

> "Debian Installer, starting with February 2007 supports installing a
> system via PPPoE and will configure the system accordingly. At the
> regular Debian Installer boot line just append modules=ppp-udeb (e.g.:
> type installgui modules=ppp-udeb to start a graphical installation via
> PPPoE). " (http://wiki.debian.org/PPPoE)
> I did boot "install modules=ppp-udbe", but pppoeconf is missing. During
> installation I didn't notice that there was an option regarding to
> PPPoE.

Pppoeconf is missing? Is this after you've completed the full installation? 


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