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How to use the net install CD with PPPoE?

Hi :)

I'm new to this list. I'm a long time Linux only user, interested in
audio and MIDI. Regarding to several issues with distros I did use, e.g.
coercion to use PulseAudio, I like to switch the distro.

At the moment I've got Suse 11.2 64-bit, used to run e.g. proprietary
lightscribe apps, that even don't run on my Edubuntu Maverick 32-bit, an
absolutely stable and completely MIDI jitter free audio MIDI
workstation, but the mouse wheel doesn't work on this install. The
latest install is a 64-bit Ubuntu Studio Natty 64-bit. I've given up to
fix the issues I've got with this install, but already installed Debian
stable with 'Standard System utilities' by the
debian-6.0.1a-amd64-netinst CD.

When I logged in tty1 and tried to run pppoeconf I noticed that
pppoeconf isn't installed.

Do I need to download and install pppoeconf + dependencies or is there
another way to get a PPPoE connection?

Is there a meta-package that will install a system with X, GNOME2, but
without PA? I'll build a kernel-rt and a lot of audio apps myself, is
there a meta-package that will install make, checkinstall etc.?

Btw. when I booted Ubuntu Natty, after installing this minimal Debian
stable, I first has to search it between tons of grotesque GRUB menu
entries, e.g. here isn't 64 Studio installed on my machine, but I get
entries for 64 Studio installs that where installed in the past. When
Natty started I got a wrong screen resolution and a bad vertically
frequency for the CTR monitor. I edited grub.cfg manually, yes manually
and since then, booting Natty is ok again. Unfortunately I seems to know
different versions of GRUB2, because e.g. 'submenu' is ignored by
Debian's GRUB, but this isn't important, anyway a PITA.

So, after installing the 'Standard System utilities' what should I do
next to get Debian stable?

I won't download and burn 8 DVDs.



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