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Re: Convert .doc to Open editable format

On 05/29/11 at 06:15pm, Daniel Bareiro wrote:
> On Monday, 30 May 2011 02:32:32 +0530,
> Mihira Fernando wrote:
> >> Currently I'm making the Final University Project and I've found that
> >> the templates provided by teachers for the reports are in Microsoft Word
> >> format. It is sad to note that encourages the use of a closed-format for
> >> something that should mean a contribution to humanity...
> >>
> >> Are there some tools that can be recommend me to do this kind of
> >> conversion (DOC ->  ODT) with or without intermediate steps?
> > have you tried opening it with google docs and saving as odt ?
> Yes, we tried to upload the Word document to Google Docs, but the styles
> are displayed broken too.

If the styles are not translating, why not create a new document with the style information and copy/paste the content?
If that won't work, and formatting is crucial, I recommend you export to a different format from Word itself. After all, it is a proprietary format and all other programs which read it are based on reverse-engineering it. Go to the source, and save in something more appropriate. Perhaps use a print-to-PDF option. 

But I think my first suggestion is your best bet overall. Then you can author in open formats from the start.


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