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Re: Convert .doc to Open editable format

On Monday, 30 May 2011 02:32:32 +0530,
Mihira Fernando wrote:

>> Currently I'm making the Final University Project and I've found that
>> the templates provided by teachers for the reports are in Microsoft Word
>> format. It is sad to note that encourages the use of a closed-format for
>> something that should mean a contribution to humanity...
>> When trying to open these documents with Ooo 2.x on Debian, headers are
>> displayed incorrectly or there is another problem in how to interpret
>> any other details of the layout of the document.
>> I was testing with tools on the web, but I noticed that with several of
>> them are seen the same mistakes when converting from DOC to PDF or ODT,
>> which makes me think that maybe to open the Word document they are using
>> the same engine type.
>> Only this [1] seems to convert correctly to PDF. Given this half, I was
>> missing the other half to convert a PDF to ODT, but unfortunately so far
>> I did not find something that meets my expectations. I tested this [2]
>> extension with OOo 3.2 on Debian, but it seems that this does not create
>> a normal text editable document, but some type of picture with text
>> boxes.
>> Are there some tools that can be recommend me to do this kind of
>> conversion (DOC ->  ODT) with or without intermediate steps?

> have you tried opening it with google docs and saving as odt ?

Yes, we tried to upload the Word document to Google Docs, but the styles
are displayed broken too.

Thanks for your reply.

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