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Re: Convert .doc to Open editable format

Hi Leonardo. I cc'ed the reply to the list.

On Sonday, 29 May 2011 21:17:35 +0000,
Leonardo Ruoso wrote:

> > Currently I'm making the Final University Project and I've found
> > that the templates provided by teachers for the reports are in
> > Microsoft Word format. It is sad to note that encourages the use of
> > a closed-format for something that should mean a contribution to
> > humanity...
> >
> > When trying to open these documents with Ooo 2.x on Debian, headers
> > are displayed incorrectly or there is another problem in how to
> > interpret any other details of the layout of the document.
> >
> > I was testing with tools on the web, but I noticed that with several
> > of them are seen the same mistakes when converting from DOC to PDF
> > or ODT, which makes me think that maybe to open the Word document
> > they are using the same engine type.
> >
> > Only this [1] seems to convert correctly to PDF. Given this half, I
> > was missing the other half to convert a PDF to ODT, but
> > unfortunately so far I did not find something that meets my
> > expectations. I tested this [2] extension with OOo 3.2 on Debian,
> > but it seems that this does not create a normal text editable
> > document, but some type of picture with text boxes.
> >
> > Are there some tools that can be recommend me to do this kind of
> > conversion (DOC -> ODT) with or without intermediate steps?

> Why are you using 2.x?

I'm using Ooo 2.4.1 because on this PC I have Debian Lenny 5.0.8.

> Try LibreOffice 3.x packages. Is your system up to date?

As I mentioned in another post of this thread, I did some tests with Ooo
3.2.1 on Debian Squeeze 6.0.1. Has any advantage using LibreOffice 3.x
over OpenOffice.org 3.x? Can LibreOffice save a PDF as ODT?

> Neither Microsoft Word or Open/Libre Office are the best tools for
> academic publishing.
> Lyx/Tex + Bibtex are just perfect and you probably find templates for
> the standard your university adopts.

Yes, I know. If I were alone and I have to do a presentation for
college, I might have opted for this option. But when you have to work
with people who never used [La]TeX, it is difficult to change their
mental model and their paradigm from WYSIWYG to WYSIWYM. Then I prefer
to save time by avoiding them having to deal with something new with
steep learning curve, and use this time to develop the software and
documents using WYSIWYG.

Thanks for your reply.

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