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Re: How to rip double discs albums?

On 24 May 2011 15:38, Leonardo Ruoso <leonardo.ruoso@gmail.com> wrote:
> Because I'll move to another state and I'd like to carry out all my music
> without my old discs I'm trying to tip my original albums.
> I'm having problems with Sound Juicer (Squeeze) and double disc albums like
> Beatles Anthology.
> When inserting both disc 1 and 2 of Beatles Anthology 3 it comes with all 50
> songs. While extracting CD1 it gets all tracks until 27 and, after that,
> keeps extracting track 1 several times until filling all 50 tracks.. While
> extracting CD 2 all tracks 28 - 50 overwrites the CD 1 tracks...
> Is there any way to fix it?
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Try another ripper. I'm quite fond of morituri


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