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Re: CUPS Driver for Epson Stylus NX420 printer?

On May 20, 2011, at 12:48 AM, Roger Leigh wrote:

On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 04:50:45PM -0700, Rick Thomas wrote:

Anybody know what driver I should be using in Debian Squeeze for my
new Epson Stylus NX420 printer?

There's no NX420 in the list of drivers offered by the CUPS web

It's unsupported by free software at the moment.  The gutenprint
driver supports the NX415, which may be entirely compatible, and
it will offer full support when the new model is added.  Note that
this might need the gutenprint from unstable; it will rebuild without
issues for squeeze.

If that doesn't work, Epson provide a proprietary driver (but I
don't think it's that great).

Thanks, Roger! I'm glad to know that there's something in the works. I tried the NX415 driver from Debian Squeeze and got a couple of lines at the top of a page and lots of blank paper after that.

I googled a bit and came up with a website from openprinting.org that had proprietary (and some open) drivers for lots of printers, including the NX420 -- as .deb and .rpm, no less! The one for the NX420 was i386 and AMD64 binary-only, no source provided, and the machine I wanted to install it on was an ARMel OpenRD "Ultimate". Fortunately I had an old Toshiba laptop I'd recently installed Debian Squeeze on, so I downloaded the openprinting.org driver and installed it there.

It seems to work OK, but if I export the printer via CUPS from the Toshiba to the OpenRD and try to use it to print that way from the OpenRD, the driver on the Toshiba dies with a segfault. So it's not perfect.

If I replace "lpr" on the OpenRD with a stub that does ssh to the Toshiba and runs lpr there, everything seems to be OK. But it's a kludge that should not be necessary if Epson would just release the source for their drivers.

Ahhh well...  A perfect world would be *so* boring!


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