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Re: SWF (Adobe Flash) support

Camale?n, 18.05.2011:
> On Wed, 18 May 2011 09:59:44 +0200, Stanis??aw Findeisen wrote:
> > Is it possible to play Adobe Flash files from, for example, YouTube.com
> > without non-free software?
> (...)
> Sadly nope.

I can play youtube videos in iceweasel using gnash.  

I'm using sid, so my version of gnash and iceweasel are newer than those 
in lenny, but I've been able to play these for years.  However, over 
these years I've also had videos not play after a system update, so 
either something in the videos or in gnash changes occasionally, 
negatively.  For example, within the last month or so, there was a time 
when videos played badly/slowly or got stuck, but now it's fine.

Also, maybe a year ago (?) there was a period when I noticed that 
going to youtube.com didn't work, but embedded youtube videos on other 
sites played fine.  So I would copy the one-line embed instruction from 
youtube.com into a blank file and then open that file with iceweasel.
You could try this too. :)

For non-youtube videos: a few play, most don't.

For non-video flash: sometimes I seem to get what seems like full 
functionality (though I can't be sure, of course), sometimes obviously 
lacking, and sometimes none.

I recommand using the flashblock extension for iceweasel (also available 
as the xul-ext-flashblock package) if you use gnash.  That way you at 
least know what part of the webpage is flash and decide whether to let 
it run or not.  Helps both for curbing resource-usage and for 
avoiding/diagnosing site problems due to gnash.

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