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Re: SWF (Adobe Flash) support

On 05/19/2011 11:06 PM, briand@aracnet.com wrote:
On Wed, 18 May 2011 07:53:56 -0400
Gilbert Sullivan<whirlygig@comcast.net>  wrote:

On my Debian testing systems I'm actually able to play all YouTube
content using chromium-browser, the Gnash plug-in, and the IcedTea NPR
Web Browser plug-in. I've never installed anything from non-free or
contrib on these systems. (I don't even use non-free firmware.)

sadly gnash plugin and ice-weasel doesn't work worth a damn, unless of course you like your cpu pegged to 100% all day AND nothing plays without skipping.

Yes, hence the use of chromium-browser. Flash videos and navigation schemes, however, use a lot of CPU with any plug-in/browser combination that I have seen. HTML5 videos from youtube.com run a darn sight cleaner and with far less CPU utilization.

On my Dell Precision M70 a typical flash-enabled site, when visited with Iceweasel, will peg the CPU and cause the MB temp to climb about 20 degrees C above normal. Quitting Iceweasel hasn't always killed the thread that's banging away at the CPU. Chromium-browser is far better-behaved.

Many other sites, however, make it difficult-to-impossible to see Flash
video content without the proprietary Adobe player. I just won't use
those site, and I try to let the people who run them know that.

just hate 'em.

Instead of just hating them, consider writing them, and being specific and firm about it. The people who are making such a dog's breakfast of the Internet need to be told -- in no uncertain terms -- that we don't appreciate their efforts.

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