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Re: Gnome 3 from experimental - how do you change wallpaper

El 2011-05-18 a las 12:35 +0100, Alan Chandler escribió:

(resending to the list)

> On 18/05/11 11:56, Camaleón wrote:


>>> Anyone ideas which debian (experimental?) package contains the gsettings
>>> program, or is there an alternative way of changing this background?
>> "gsettings" binary can be found in "libglib2.0-bin" package from Sid.
>> Anyway, the background image can be changed from the common display
>> applet of gnome3, so if it's not present now it will in a future :-)
> Thanks, I found gsettings now.  It looks like I haven't yet got much of  
> gnome3 installed - what is this common display applet? - the new  
> gnome-shell doesn't seem to give me any options to access applets?

Gnome-shell (and GNOME3) is still in a very bare state in most of the 
distributions. I have it installed on opeSUSE 11.4 and the environment, 
while usable, lacks for many of the features I'm used to with GNOME2.

In openSUSE there is a control center where you can tweak some basic 
aspects of the gnome-shell (display, keyboard, mouse, language...) so I 
would expect this is also available in Debian and the rest of the 
distributions. If not, it's just a matter of time :-)

There is also a "gnome3-tweak" tool to set some options of the 
gnome-shell itself (themes and style, buttons on the upper bar, font 
face and size, etc...) but I'm not sure if this has been landed yet in 
Debian :-?

GNOME3 does not like much the usage of icons (although they are pretty 
big) so search for "display" in the search box and see if something 
appears. Anyway, almost all applications can be reached by enabling 
the "activites" or applications bar.



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