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Debian update/upgrade good practices?

Hi all.

I have a new LAN to administer, I have 8 Debian production servers
which have been configured by someone else.
I try to make a reasonable update/upgrade policy for those servers.
Till now (for my home servers) I used aptitude update/upgrade and it
was ok. But here every server has many services (Oracje, JBoss, VMWare
2 Server, ...) and I think that now I should be more careful.

Should upgrades/updates be made automatically or manually? What
additional steps could be made? When should be dist-upgrade made? One
one site I have read that Debian's policy is to use stable versions
and only add security updates... what do you think?

Information from:
http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-upgrade-debian-etch-to-lenny seems
reasonable, any comments about this approach?


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