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Re: Smartphone definition - Re: Poll Summary & Poll 1b - What Smartphonedo you use?

teddieeb@tmo.blackberry.net writes:
> I would interject that Blackberrys are widely considered Smartphones, in
> fact really being the first of the bread, but only one Blackberry Model
> contained a touch screen interface...

"smartphone" seems to be a bit more of a marketing term than something
precise anyway.... basically: "like an iphone, only the BB was sorta
there first so we'll grandfather that in"

[I have a phone which does have a fairly big (533 x 800 @300dpi)
high-quality display, downloadable apps, decent web-browsing, email, a
very nice-quality camera, a motely assortment of preinstalled "lifestyle
apps" etc -- but the marketing by the provider (Au) clearly separates it
from "smartphones".]


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