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Re: Dovecot Problems on Sid

David Baron wrote:

> Updating to the Sid version was a catastrophe--flagged all kinds of
> superseded syntax warning which were flagged as errors when I tried to
> edit them into the conf file. Commented out, got listening errors for
> various 9## ports.
> So I downgraded to the testing version and used a backed up conf file.
> No startup errors, dmesg, nothing, but "localhost refuses connection" when
> trying to access imap on the system. From outside, "server not found."
> Nothing like this is listed in the bugs. Has anyone encountered such
> problems, fix them?

I have just run an update and ended up with no working dovecot. Someone is
brainless - but definitely not me!

I've tried the quick config guide from dovecot webpage, but still nothing.
I have one process running and no imap/pop3 ports open

so is there a human usable step by step config guide, for a simple setup
with pam and local maildir?


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