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Re: Dovecot Problems on Sid

On 5/14/2011 2:25 PM, David Baron wrote:

> Unfortunately, the maintainers changed the configurations to the "more 
> modern/recent" conf.d directory script system without providing any script for 
> transition and NO WARNING for apt-listchanges. To tell us to avoid "unstable" 
> is no excuse, especially for the lack of notice.

>From http://www.debian.org/releases/sid/

""sid" is subject to massive changes and in-place library updates. This
can result in a very "unstable" system which contains packages that
cannot be installed due to missing libraries, dependencies that cannot
be fulfilled etc. Use it at your own risk!"

Doesn't that pretty much cover it, completely?  Is there any elaboration
necessary?  If you use sid and things break, *you* fix it and submit a
patch, not whine on the users list.  If you're not going to fix it,
whining needs to be on a devel list.

This is the nature of sid, is it not?  Has been for how many years?


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