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Re: Tracing Filesystem Accesses

Bob McConnell:
> Before we go any further, lets get a couple of things sorted out.
> What type of SSD (Solid State Drive) are you all talking about here?
> If it contains Flash memory,

What else do you have in mind?

> then yes, there is a limit to the
> number of ERASE cycles each sector can do. How long they last
> depends on a number of factors, not the least of which is how old
> the chips are. The first generations of flash memory chips could
> only be erased about 10,000 times before they started to fail.

Current generation (consumer-grade) MLC SSDs using 25nm technology use
flash that can only be rewritten 3000 times. Assuming perfect wear
levelling, that's still enough for most desktop applications.
120GB*3000=360TB.  That's still almost 100GB per day for ten years. Even
if write amplification quintuples the amount of date written, that's
still 20GB per day. My systems don't write that much.

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