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Re: Defending yourself

On 05/10/2011 03:42 PM, Jeroen van Aart wrote:
Ron Johnson wrote:
Not forgotten, but a consequence of the policy decision to let Debian
lists be open.

I question the wisdom of that decision. There are ways to, on the one
hand not hinder openness much at all and on the other hand prevent spam
from getting through to the list.

The impact of a single spam email reaching a mailing list has a bigger
impact than the same spam email sent to an individual.

You're getting *for free* stupendous amounts of bandwidth and the results of hundreds of thousands of man-hours of labor.

So, you have 3 choices:
1) Buy Windows.
2) Use another distro.
3) Shut up and be grateful.

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure
the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally
Samuel Adams, essay in The Public Advertiser, 1749

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