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Re: Defending yourself

Tom Furie wrote:
Ahem, don't you mean Jeroen? Sorry, couldn't resist.

Yeah me, thanks. :-)

Thing is, normally I see little to no spam from a mailing list. That's because they're managed in such a way spam hasn't got a chance of getting through.

The other thing is, it's not so much about me as an individual filtering the spam. It's that since the spam was sent to the list the damage already has been done and all the subscribers got it, for example that's a 100 or 1000 times more bandwidth wasted than if it was sent to me personally. That's one of the reasons why careful and proper abuse management and prevention is rather important especially for mailing lists.

Spam sent to mailing lists shouldn't be filtered at the receiving side, the subscriber, but at the sending side, the mailing list software. Hence my original question if this list was forgotten by its maintainer(s).

I apologise for furthering the spammer's thread.

I'd be greatly indebted if someone could answer the original question I posted about gnome stock items, or point me in the right direction.



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