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Single mouse click registers as double click


I've had this problem (a single mouse click being considered as double
click) from quite a long time (almost two years) in two different
computers, and unfortunately I couldn't solve it yet.

Searching through Google and (of course) the Debian mailing lists, I found that:

(1) it seems to be a quite old bug, and
(2) there are several ways to "solve" it (mainly aiming some
modification of xorg.conf).

Unfortunately, as I said before, none of those solutions worked for
me, so I finally decided to reinstall Debian (using a weekly-build)
two months ago. But the problem persists (in both computers). I even
tried a live Knoppix to check out whether the problem was also present
there or not (it was; not surprising, considering that Knoppix is
based on Debian, of course).

So the question is: does anyone know whether there is a solution for this bug?

Thanks in advance for your help/suggestions.


pd By the way, I don't have xorg.conf anymore.

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